A.C.E., Inc. is the nation’s leading subpoena process serving process company widely known as, "The Very Best Nationwide Subpoena Delivery Services." Subpoena services are performed by process servers throughout all states all who follow applicable statutes and deliver on time.

For twenty-four years Attorney’s, law Offices and paralegal professionals have depended upon our subpoena delivery and service of process expertise and understanding of civil rules of procedure to effect proper service process and delivery of subpeoan's - all types of subpoena's. Our Private Process Servers are knowledgeable professional servers who track down, find and serve Subpoena’s requiring service of process in accordance with state rules. Our subpoena process servers are situated in most jurisdictions and can be easily contacted, emailing or calling now. When called upon to serve your subpoena, there is only one way; THE RIGHT WAY! We serve subpoena properly the first time, guaranteed

We specialize in serving Subpoena’s in accordance with rules of civil procedure. Our Private Process Servers methodically effectuate service of process of all Subpoena’s regardless where they are from and to whom they are to be served upon. We have extensive jurisdictional experience serving subpoena's in all major cities.

As the only nationwide company known for maintaining a reputation of being “experts at serving witnesses and record custodians,” guided by applying rules for proper and timely service of process, A.C.E. services offers superior service of process and customer service. We believe rules for serving and delivering subpoena's is quite simple to work with and serving your witness or custodian records should not be difficult. When we combine our experience, knowledge and tenacity with your directives, A.C.E. Process Servers guarantee expedient and proper results. We specialize in serving and delivering subpoena's. We guarantee in serving witnesses, corporate entities, registered and statutory agents and governing bodies with Subpoena’s. You can be sure that your subpoena service will be your service will be made properly and in accordance with your directives and specific needs in mind.

Subpoena Services for attorneys, law offices and paralegal professionals. Service and delivery of your subpoena can take place within minutes

A.C.E. subpoena servers provide process serving services in every jurisdiction in the nation. Our Process Servers focus on service of process procedures for proper service of your subpoena as it applies to serving individual and corporate witnesses

There are 1000's of Courts in all states and we serve within each area. Our Process Servers have been involved with all courts in all states and are experienced and prepared to assist you

Typically, as subpoena Process Servers, our function is to assist attorney’s, law office's and paralegals with exercising “Subpoena Power” or jurisdiction over individual and corporate entity.

The most popular Subpoena’s we are asked to effect service of process and delivery of are as follows:

  • Process Servers for delivering a Subpoena to Produce Documents, Information, or Objects or to Permit Inspection of Premises in a Civil Action
  • Process Servers for delivering a Subpoena to Produce Documents, Information, or Objects or to Permit Inspection of Premises in a Bankruptcy Case or Adversary Proceeding
  • Process Servers for delivering a Subpoena to Testify at a Deposition in a Civil Action
  • Process Servers for delivering a Subpoena Duces Tecum
  • Process Servers for delivering a Subpoena for Trial
  • Process Servers for delivering a Subpoena Witness Subpoena's
  • Process Servers for delivering a Subpoena Administration Employer / Employee
  • Process Servers for delivering a Subpoena for Medical Records
  • Process Servers for delivering a Subpoena for Telcom Records
  • Process Servers for delivering a Subpoena Doe subpoena's
  • Process Servers for delivering a Subpoena to Appear for a Deposition/li>
  • Process Servers for Filing, Issuing and delivering a domesticated Subpoena from a Foreign (out of state) jurisdiction

Subpoena delivery sevices are handled by Process Servers who are dedicated to fast delivery and compliance

We accept new subpoena assignments via email and print out subpoena’s in our office or remotely.

Subpoena managers and process serving requests comply with state and or federal rules of civil procedure for proper service of subpoena’s. Each request is entered into our data system for immediate quality control, compliance, tracking and updating.

We operate in a fully secure and compliant environment. We are time tested and have succeeded with more than ,000 successful service of process transactions.

We are experts at serving witnesses and businesses with Subpoena's. We perform and are known as the best Subpoena servers in the Nation.

We offer competitive fees yet do not diminish our efforts and quality of services

We can draft witness fee checks on your behalf

We will provide you with a perfect Proof of Service upon completion of each service. After service is effected we email a proof of service to your desk top and the originals are mailed immediately back to your office.

You are important to us and are the reason why we are now able to enter our 23rd year of business. We are grateful each time a client calls on us to assist with serving a subpoena and we pledge to work hard and do whatever we can do to assure your success. Our way of saying thank you is to obtain the desired results and provide you with the Proof of Service you need.

What is a Private Process Serving Subpoena Specialist?

A.C.E., Inc. Professional Subpoena Servers are dedicated to properly serve and deliver all types Subpoena’s. Subpoena's to produce documents or appear as a witness and its accompanied Schedule or Exhibits upon an individual or corporate entity is most popular service.

An issued subpoena, is a sacred document that represents an essential element of a civil lawsuit and the advancement of a court case. A Subpoena, is an official document that must be properly “served” upon the Witness(s). An A.C.E., Subpoena Server will deliver and serve your Subpoena upon any individual witness or entity.

When you need a subpoena served properly and on time, Call A.C.E., we are the experienced subpoena specialists you can always rely upon