Directory of Process Servers for Subpoena Services

Established in 1999, we proudly report that the listed Process Servers in our directory have successfully handled over 2 million subpoena service transactions. Explore our extensive listings of Process Servers in every city, connecting you with local service providers who ensure timely and proper subpoena service.

The Process Servers listed in this directory are specialists in serving subpoenas. While they handle various court processes, their expertise lies in serving subpoenas to individuals, registered agents, corporate entities, and government offices.

Start your search by clicking on the state where your subpoena service is to take place. After you click on the state page link, you can select the county or city where you need assistance and you will be provided with a list of local Process Servers available.

Our directory staff are well-trained and experienced in the Process Service industry. We exclusively feature Process Servers known for their excellence as subpoena servers in their respective counties. Many of our Process Servers also extend their services to multiple counties, statewide, and nationwide.

Specializing in Directory Listings of Process Servers Who Are Utilized for Serving Subpoenas

In simple terms, this directory offers the most comprehensive and top-quality listings of Subpoena Process Servers nationwide. All Process Servers listed in the directory guarantee proper handling of your subpoena. Collectively, these Subpoena servers cover a wide range of jurisdictions, ensuring the expedited service of your subpoena.

Private Process Servers and Process Serving Subpoenas

This subpoena directory is a family-owned business, primarily managed by its founder, Jonathan Hammer Levey. Mr. Levey oversees the daily operations of the management team and continues to offer his expertise to assist Process Servers and users of the Subpoena directory to make our industry more professional and efficient.

With 28 years of experience, this directory is renowned for providing dependable and successful subpoena services. Our extensive experience, track record of success, and stability significantly increase the chances of successful subpoena service. While A.C.E. Technology Inc. and the directory cannot guarantee successful service, listed Process Servers ensure their focus and efforts are of the highest caliber.

Listed Process Servers are vetted, trustworthy, and dedicated.

Process Servers listed in our directory offer full transparency and accessibility, boasting a 99% success rate in serving witnesses and a 100% client satisfaction rating. When you contact our directory, you'll communicate directly with experienced Process Servers ready to assist with all your subpoena process service needs. Placing your trust in our directory to find Subpoena Servers grants you access to the best locally vetted subpoena service providers.

To have your subpoena served in accordance with applicable rules of civil procedure please contact a Process Server isted in our directory.